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1. Everything in the way of produce tastes amazing because it is in season and not genetically engineered to taste like plastic, such as in the States. [As a result, there is also no such thing as "seedless" grapes]

2. Meat and Poultry are really expensive. Pork and Fish/Seafood are really cheap.

3. French people wear scarves better than everyone else. Period.

4. Guys in Bordeaux (Not just the French, but all the other ethnic groups as well) dress really well. Unfortunately, this often causes some confusion. Is he gay... or just French? [White pants are very common on straight men]

5. All of the beggars/seemingly homeless people are all Turkish or Arab.

6. If you kiss a French or Northern African guy here you better be prepared to get your phone blown up for at least two weeks. They don't get that you were just drunk... and if you tell them you have a boyfriend they will not see it as an obstacle. [My roommate can attest to this]

7. Older men will not hesitate to bug the fuck out of you. Even if they are obviously over 30 and you are obviously a decade younger.

8. Everyone looks really young so maybe they'll be 18 but actually look 15.

9. No bars, cafés or stores card for ID to see how old you are when you buy booze. I'm fairly positive I saw some 15 year olds getting beer once.

10. Cigarettes are really expensive. They're about 5.20, which is about $7.50USD.

11. If you're between the ages of 12-25, you're eligible to buy a discount card for the train, which gets you at least 25% off but can go up to 60% off. Awesome for traveling! It's also not just in France, but throughout Europe.

12. The Bordelais speak french very articulately. Thus, you will be quite certain that you are not speaking with a Bordelais when you can't understand a word they say.

13. When you tell a French person you are from California, they are 75% likely to ask you if you've been to Hollywood... I even had one girl asked me if I had stars on my sidewalk. And, if you tell them you're from Santa Barbara, they're going to say, "Like the TV show?!"

14. The French are psycho about perfume/cologne. They wear way too much of it. Also, guys tend to wear much "sweeter" scents, which really throws you off. Guys aren't supposed to smell like coconut. But then the alternative to that is the "really old guy" cologne that some very misled guys wear. [The worse thing though is when they wear no cologne/perfume at all and then you can really tell they haven't showered in days... I feel like I've become much more sensitive to scents recently]

15. The cool French wouldn't be caught dead at a night club before 2AM. [Clubs in downtown run until 2, but the ultra cool clubs by the train station stay open until 4AM]

16. Bordeaux's soccer team kind sucks, so when they actually win, the guys go nuts. They'll go on the trams and jump on them so the entire thing bounces... or the day after the match, they'll congregate somewhere and sing some patriotic song.

17. You can drink anywhere outdoors in Bordeaux. I don't know if you're actually allowed to, but everyone does it like it ain't no thing. As a result, very often on weekend nights, a bunch of drunkards will be on the tram spilling their drinks everywhere. [Someone even puked on the tram once.. not pretty]

18. Pandora Radio doesn't work here. Also, some youtube videos are "unavailable in my area."

19. This is the hottest song in France. You'll hear it at every club/bar and blasting out apartments all the time. It's by DiscoBitch and it's called "C'est beau la bourgeoisie." Check it out the link for yourself.

Well, I think that's all of it for now, but I'll have some awesome stories and pictures soon because this Friday I'm going to Paris for 4 days and then to Strasbourg (Alsace-Lorraine region, bordering Germany). If time allows we may take a detour into Switzerland. I am SO excited because it will be my first time leaving Bordeaux for travel!

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